It's my Party & I'll Schleich if I want to!

I hosted a Mom Select Party at my home to introduce the latest line of Schleich figures to my friends and family. The Bayala Collection represents a World of Fantasy filled with Elves, Unicorns, Dragons, Warriors and so much more. These figures encourage children to use their imaginations and submerge themselves into the World of Bayala.
I love a themed party and Schleich definitely provided a great theme. The best part about a themed party is the menu. For the land of Bayala I decided to serve up Dragon Nests with Dragon Eggs in them, Dragon Juice and Schleich cupcakes!

I had a coloring table set up for the younger kids and they enjoyed coloring the wonderful sheets that were provided by Schleich.
The kids played with the figures and the amazing Elf Castle. They sat in a circle and shared imaginary tales about the World of Bayala and each child held their favorite figure and pretended that they were that character.

The great thing about Schleich figures is that you are never too young or too old to enjoy them. The guests at my party ranged in age from age 2 to age 72.

We ate, we played, we laughed and all the kids left with a special Schleich gift bag!
You can find all of these figures and more at your local retailers like, Toys R Us & Target!


  1. Great Party! Kayla had so much fun!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful party! Aren't Schleich toys wonderful? And those "S" cupcakes you made are inspiring!

  3. Hi Maria! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I really enjoyed hosting this party and the kids loved the figures. I'm getting things ready for my Mega Bloks Party this month and I already have a great cupcake idea!!! Hope you had a great Halloween!