BOO!...It's Halloween Time at Disneyland!!!

This past weekend was the start of the ghoulishly fun Halloween Time at Disneyland theme park. This festive time of year is one of my most favorite reasons to visit Disneyland. It was my first time seeing the park decorated for Halloween and I loved it! There are Pumpkins everywhere and your favorite Disney characters are all dressed up in their costumes ready to pose with you for some fun photos. As we walked through Main Street we were amazed at how much work went into decorating for Halloween. They really pull out all the stops to make sure you will have the most memorable visit.

We spent the day riding a few rides that the kids hadn't been on before like Jungle Cruise and Winnie the Pooh.

We met up with our dear friends and partied in Toon Town.

Mya met one of her most favorite Princesses...BELLE!

Luckily, we are Annual Pass holders so we plan on going back a few more times in October and next time the kids will definitely wear their costumes. I also plan on purchasing all of my Halloween treats & souvenirs when I first arrive. We made the mistake of waiting until the end of our visit and the things I wanted most were either sold out or the line was way too long to stand in with three sleepy, cranky kids! I have yet to enjoy a festive caramel apple at Disneyland, but I won't rest until I do! And as for Mickey Ghost Popcorn time you will be mine and I WILL EAT ALL OF YOUR INSIDES!!! Mwah ah ah ah ah!!!!!

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Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort by Fresh Angeles

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We like to keep DISNEY in the Family!!!


  1. Wow! Disneyland! Have never been before , cannot wait until my son is older so that we can take him!! :) Great blog! Am now following :D

  2. Hi Emma! Thx so much! Your son will LOVE Disneyland! There is truly no greater place! Thx for following me. I am now following you as well. Hope you have a great week. Take Care!