1st Day of Kindergarten!

So my first born child, Jackson, has finally started Kindergarten! I always anticipated this day and when it finally arrived I wasn't sure how to feel. I was excited that he was starting a new chapter in his life with the beginning of Elementary School, but I was saddened with the reality of having to accept the fact that he was no longer my baby boy. He's a little man now that has to move forward and grow. How do so many mothers allow this to happen? Who wouldn't want their chubby, little, baby boy to stay that way forever? He used to say the cutest things and now he tries to correct me. Of course we all want our children to grow up and be well-balanced young adults, but must it happen so darn quickly?
Oh sigh...what can do? I guess I have to suck it up and show him my enthusiasm...blah! I am so very proud of my son for taking on this new endeavor with his head held high. I will be his cheerleader for life! Even when I'm old and dusty!
Cheers to my Kindergartner! Here's to a new school, new friends, new challenges and new accomplishments. May he have a wonderful year and absorb all the knowledge his brain can handle!

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  1. Jackson, dang it was like yesterday when your mommy was holding you in her arms when you were born. Geez, time flies by like crazy. Jack Jack (I know you are big and all but you will be Jack Jack to us for life) you will be the BEST at everything you do!! We are so proud of you, and love you!! The Wade Fam Bam...