Wheel Pals by Playskool!

Playskool has done it again! These little cars are the cutest thing in town. We have loved all the different styles that Playskool has offered from the Tonka trucks to all the Fleet lines such as Construction Fleet, Mini Highway Fleet, Mini Round Town Fleet, Rescue Fleet, Farmin Fleet & the Train Fleet. Then they made more girl friendly cars that looked like Bugs and Ducks that my daughter fell in love with.

The newest addition to the Wheel Pals family looks just like little Jungle Animals! They are called the Animal Tracks Jungle Zoomimals and in my opinion, they are the cutest Wheel Pals yet! So far I have the Zebra, Giraffe, Turtle & Elephant. I grabbed the Elephant yesterday! Now I'm on the hunt for the Lion, Monkey & Hippo! My daughter loves Monkeys & Hippos.

These animal cars are suggested for children ages 12 months to 3 years, but I can tell you that even my 5 year old son played with them. My kids play with them in the house, in the tub, in the car and we even took them to the park and they were great in the sand.

My kids love these new Wheel Pals and so do I. They are soft, squishy, cute and they roll...what more could you ask for?

Playskool also made a Jungle Journey Play Set that includes 2 Jungle Animal Wheel Pals so you know I have to get that!

I did some Wheel Pals research online and found out that Playskool made an Arctic Play Set and a Farm Play Set. These are definite must haves!

If you think about it...it's only 5 months until Christmas! I personally hate the rush of last minute shopping so why not get to a local Playskool retailer this weekend and get a headstart on your Christmas shopping? I know I am!!!

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