A Day at the Santa Barbara Zoo!

The kids have been begging to go see animals and with the Summer heat in Los Angeles we decided to head out to the Santa Barbara Zoo. What a great decision that turned out to be. The weather was perfect with a cool coastal breeze. Of course my kids wanted their souvenirs at the start of the day so we stopped by the gift shop and got them some animal grabbers and that also proved to be a great decision. They each had a special toy to carry around the zoo and we made it a mission to locate the animals in the zoo that matched their grabbers.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the most beautiful places to visit with your family. It offers so much more than just animals on display. My husband and I enjoyed the scenic grounds while the kids ran and played. With a view of the Pacific Ocean we felt as if we were far away from home.
Of course we had to visit the Reptile House. Jackson loves all things creepy and crawly. I was surprised to see that even Mya was excited about seeing the snakes, spiders and lizards...oh my! I rushed past these creatures as fast as I possibly could!

My kids were so excited to see all of their favorite animals. We saw elephants, snow leopards, gorillas and lions.
The best part was the giraffes. All 3 kids had the opportunity to feed the giraffes and that is a memory I will never forget. Mya wanted to reach out and hug the giraffe.

As if the animals weren't enough, they also have a play area for the kids, a little carousel and a train ride that travels around the entire zoo. We stayed until the zoo closed and my kids were just about to pass out. We will definitely go back to the Santa Barbara Zoo again...and again!