E & X Party Rentals!

E & X Party Rentals really know how to party! I have been using their services for years and now I have decided to share them with you! It was hard for me at first because they are my special party people, but I trust you and I know you will love them! If you know anything about me you know that I love to throw themed parties as often as possible and E & X Party Rentals always has everything I'm looking for. I used to spend a small fortune renting out entire facilities just for my kid's birthday parties, but after I found E & X that all stopped! For the past few years I have thrown all of my kid's birthday parties at home and once they have picked a theme we call Xochitl and tell her what we need.

They have just about every jumper you can imagine. Not to mention combo jumpers with slides, obstacle courses, toddler jumpers and much more. This past March we had a Batman party at the house and Xochitl suggested I try the Batman 2:1 Combo. It's a jumper with a huge slide and I'm glad I listened to her because the kids went nuts! She also had a giant Batman pinata. I had bought bags of candy and small toys and I was nowhere near filling this huge pinata.

I always rent a few tables and chairs from them also because some of the parents like to sit outside and watch the kids play while the other parents are inside eating all the yummy food.
E & X Party Rentals has great kid's tables and colorful chairs that are perfect size for most ages.

As if Jumpers, pinatas, tables & chairs weren't enough they also offer heat lamps, canopies, concession rentals & tons more. Here are a few of the items they have available for rent all year long:

So next time you're planning an event please give E & X Party Rentals a call and make sure you tell them So You Think You Can Mom? sent you!!!

Please visit their website at or give them a call at (323) 439-2222.


  1. off the topic, but do you think pan pacific park lets jumpers into the park?

  2. HI There! Sorry for my late reply. I'm sure they do. They have the space for it! The number for the Park's office is (323) 939-0263. Hope that helps! Thx for following me!