Adventure City in Anaheim, CA

Adventure City is a cute little theme park located in Anaheim. With 11 rides, a petting zoo, rock climbing, a children's theater, arcade and a Thomas the Tank Engine play area, this little theme park is BIG on Family Fun! This theme park is perfect for children ages 1-12. Once they start hitting those pre-teen & tween years they'd probably prefer faster & wilder rides. My kids loved it here. There was not one single ride that they couldn't get on! It's a small theme park, but you can easily end up spending half a day here. We went on a Sunday afternoon and even though the park was a bit crowded, we didn't end up waiting in any lines for more than 5 minutes.

It all started with the Adventure City Train Station! This train has been running since 1965:

The Thomas the Tank Engine play area was filled with tracks & trains for the little conductors:

Rescue 911 gave the kids a chance to feel like heroes driving a variety of Rescue cars:

The Crank 'N' Roll is a self powered little train that the kids move by cranking the handlebars:

The Freeway Coaster, Barnstormer Planes, Drop Zone & Giggle Wheel were just a few other favorites:

We had a great time at Adventure City and we will definitely go back for more Family Fun!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! My daughters would love going there!

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