A World of Wonder!!!

Disneyland is so much more than just an amusement park. It is truly a magical place that makes dreams come true for people of all ages. I remember the first time we took our oldest son to Disneyland. It was for his first birthday and for the few weeks before our trip I spent all day playing nothing, but Disney DVDs to prepare him. The look on his face when he walked up to the Castle is one that I will never forget! Since that special day we have had 2 more children and have made Disneyland a major part of their lives. We celebrate every birthday and Holiday with the wonderful people of Disney! Just recently my husband finally decided that Annual Passes were a wise investment and thanks to him we are able to visit our pals much more often.

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but don't forget about Disney's CA Adventure! I love this park! Whenever Disneyland is too crowded for my side by side stroller we jump over to CA Adventure and have a great time. I'd have to say our favorite part is A Bug's Land. All the rides in this area are perfect for the little ones and they love the Bug theme. We love the 3D show called It's Tough to Be a Bug! By far the best 3D show I've ever experienced because there is so much more going on around you than just whats on the screen. My kids also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Live on Stage! Where else can you enjoy a live puppet show in a theater setting with no additional cost to you?

As a tired and overworked Mommy I appreciate the fact that CA Adventure offers grown up refreshments such as wine and beer. On a warm day after about a dozen rides I enjoy having a chilled glass of wine while my kids snack on apples and grapes from the fruit stand across the way. It's just a win win!!! I love the food here too! There's a great hot dog spot at the front of the park called Award Wieners. They have the most amazing BBQ hot link I've ever had! Then there's Taste Pilot's Grill that serves burgers, chicken & ribs located just off to the right of the park's entrance. We can't leave out the churros, frozen lemonade & suckers!!!

The park recently opened Toy Story Mania, an interactive 4D midway carnival style ride that has been a huge hit! This is just the first of many more additions to come. The Paradise Pier area is getting an amazing makeover and adding more attractions.
I am anxiously awaiting the opening of The Little Mermaid Ariel's Undersea Adventure in 2011 and premiering this June is the World of Color Water Spectacular! The new home of this dazzling show will be in the area surrounding Paradise Bay. The geniuses at Disney have found a magical new style of storytelling and next month they will unveil this revolutionary display of water, color, fire & light all set to the music from your favorite Disney stories. The World of Color will give Disney goers a show that will leave them in awe. A true kaleidoscope of Fantasy and Imagination. I can't wait to take my kids to see this. These will be memories that will last a lifetime.

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