Renee's Place in the Pan Pacific Park

So I am now on Park #5 of my Mission Im-Park-sible! I gave myself a mission to find and visit 6 new parks and we just visited #5...Renee's Place by the Shane's Inspiration Foundation. This UAP is located directly across the street from The Grove in Los Angeles at the Pan Pacific Park. It's not as big as my first few Shane's Inspiration parks, but it was nice.
I do have a couple negative comments I'd like to share about this park. First off it was crowded. Not too bad, but I was uneasy at first because it's hard to watch 3 kids when so many other kids are running around screaming. Being a smaller park the kids just seemed packed in like sardines!

Luckily we met up with our dear friends and their older kids so the extra eyes and hands were a big help!

Second, the foam flooring was damaged. Huge chunks were torn out and I noticed a couple kids trip in the open gaps. That's it for my gripes!

The focal point of this park is a Train! The kids can climb up and into the train. There are bridges, climbers, balance beams and slides.

There are also a few educational aspects like the alphabet in braille.

This park has a small toddler playground and swings. During the warmer months the water play area will be available which is just a few sprouts of water shooting up from the ground.

The kids had fun. We were greeted by the occasional merchant selling fun items like bubble blowers, inflatable hammers & cotton candy so the kids enjoyed asking for just about all of it!