My husband and I recently took our 3 kids and my Mom to Kidspace for the first time and it was everything I expected it to be! My husband wants me to start off this blog by letting you know that this is not a very big museum, however, I am a firm believer in Quality not Quantity! Kidspace is located next to the Aquatic Center in Pasadena directly across the street from the Rose Bowl. Kidspace has so many different things for the kids to do. They have outdoor exhibits as well as indoors. They have a great cafe just in case you forget to bring snacks and a gift shop filled with cool souvenirs. I took my kids in their swimsuits and brought an extra change of clothes. When you first walk in there is a little Splash Dance Fountain where squirts of water shoot up and surprise the kids.
I decided the best thing for us to do was start our visit at the back of Kidspace and work our way to the front. The water features are all out back so I figured the kids could play and get wet then they would dry off as we slowly made our way to the indoor exhibits. This proved to be a great idea! The Kids Basin was so much fun. There is a waterfall that runs on a timer so just about every three minutes it starts raining water again. Kidspace provides buckets for the kids to catch the water and splash around, but I suggest bringing your own. Just in case there are a lot of kids there that day you don't want your child to wait around for a bucket or have to fight for one either.
From the waterfall the water travels down a creek and ends up in a small pond. The kids are free to play in all of it. My kids splashed around for over an hour. You gotta bring a pair of Crocs or water sandals for your kids because they are not allowed to play in the water barefoot.

After getting nice and soaked we walked down the hill to the trike track. I loved this activity! Especially because Kidspace has 2-seater bikes which was perfect for my kids! My son gave my daughter a ride around the trike tracks until his legs just couldn't pedal anymore. By the time they were done riding the bikes they had completely dried off. There is also a small toddlers trike track and playground outside called Kirby's Kids Corner.

I changed the kid's clothes and we headed inside for some educational exploration. The indoor exhibits are amazing! There's an ant hill that the kids climb up and inside this ant hill are little educational exhibits. Once they come out of the ant hill they can climb up the Interantics Climber.

There's a Digging Deep area where your little explorer can sift through dirt and find dinosaur fossils. An earthquake exhibit teaches the kids what causes the earth to shake and the effects of the magnitude.

One of the funnest exhibits was the Bug's Diner! They had huge bugs sitting at a table waiting for the kids to serve them a delectable treat. The kids learned about different insects and what each insects feasts on. Some things were gross, but the kids had a blast.

The Art corner has a giant leaf that the kids use as a blank canvas and about seven different shades of watercolors and brushes for the kids to free their inner Picasso! When the kids are done painting the water can above automatically pours down water to wash off the leaf so they could begin a fresh work of art! I also saw a chalk table and the kids grabbed giant pieces of chalk and scribbled to their heart's content. The kids really have all the freedom in the world here.

My 5yr old was excited to see the Climbing Towers. Kidspace has two towers that rise 40 feet straight up. The first is the Raindrop Climber that's an enclosed tower made of glass and the second is the Wisteria Climber that weaves up live wisteria vines.

By the time we finished in the climbers the kids were exhausted. I didn't get a chance to check out the Early Childhood Learning Center which is an indoor play area for toddlers filled with blocks, books & a clubhouse. At least we'll have new things to discover on our next visit!