Juan Bautista De Anza Park!

We visited the next park on my Mission list! It was great! This park is located on Lost Hills Rd. in Calabasas away from any major traffic. The parking lot was packed so we thought we were going to be in for a stampede on the playground, but as we walked up we noticed the playground was empty. We had it all to ourselves on a Saturday afternoon! It turns out this park hosts sporting events and private parties so I had to go into the office and find out more! During the warmer months of the year the park opens a small splash fountain for the kids to play in which is a wonderful thing for my kids. They can cool off in the water then hit the playgrounds to dry off!

There is a big kids playground and a separate toddler playground. Both playgrounds have a very cute small sandbox area. Oodles of slides and bridges! The foam flooring was the best I've ever felt under my feet. Very cushy! (is that a word? it is now!) My favorite part is the canopy over each playground. It helped keep things cool from the blazing hot sun. My 1yr old played in the toddler area until he passed out!

Next to the playgrounds is a seating area with picnic tables and benches.

The grass area is wide open and away from trees which makes it perfect for flying kites. Luckily we had brought our kites and the kids had a blast. Even my 2yr old was out there flying her own kite!

This park is a local favorite for hosting birthday parties. The facility offers a banquet room for rent all year long so if you're throwing a party during the hot summer months at least your guests can relax inside an air conditioned room while the kids play. They provide all the table and chairs including special kid sized tables and chairs. You just provide the food and decorations. The best part is that there is a kitchen with a fridge at your disposal. The room opens out to a patio area that looks out over the grassy hills and the playgrounds are to the left. Tables and chairs can be placed out on the patio as well. This facility also allows jumpers and concessions rentals for your party!

De Anza Park has a huge roller hockey area. There was a game going on while we were there and my son got a kick out of watching these big kids playing roller hockey in full pads and jerseys.
The restrooms were clean. The staff was very nice and answered all of my know I had a lot! We had a great day at this park and I definitely plan on going back. I may even host a party know how much I LOVE to PARTY!

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