Jumpy Jumpy!

I'm always on the lookout for new places to take my kids. Somewhere fun, clean, spacious and convenient. I found an indoor play center called The Jump Around in Canoga Park. I was searching for a new location to host my son's birthday party. My 1st born son will be turning 5 yrs old and my youngest son will be turning 1 yr old. Both are very important ages so I wanted to do something super fun, but I need my venue to cater to older kids as well as toddlers. The majority of the children in our inner circle range in age from 4-14 yrs old. It's not easy to find a place that will be just as fun for a 1 yr old toddler as it would be for a giant tween! The Jump Around seems to fit the bill. They have 4 huge inflatables. 2 are obstacle courses, 1 is a giant slide and 1 is a boxing ring with over sized gloves. Even the biggest kids will enjoy themselves at The Jump Around!

They have a free arcade area...yes free! I couldn't pull my husband off the classic racing game. There is also a cute little toddler area that is closed off so the toddlers don't get run over by the bigger kids. The toddler area had plenty for the munchkins to do. My 8 mth old had a blast!
In the back of the play center is a huge party room. It's already set up and ready to go. They have a special "royal" throne for the birthday child to sit on. There are wall to wall speakers throughout so bring your own CD for a truly personalized party.

The most exciting feature at The Jump Around is the Cosmic lighting! They will turn out all the lights and turn on the disco balls and black lights to transform your party into a kids funkytown!!!
The carpet and paint just explode when the black lights are on! This place is truly the right fit for all ages. I have no doubt that my guests will have a blast! If you're looking for somewhere sweet and fancy this is not it! This is a place where kids can scream, run, jump, dance, sing and sweat!!! Right up my alley!