Viva Las Vegas!

There is so much more to Vegas than what you think. Yes there's plenty of gambling and partying and other things we won't mention here in our happy place, but things have definitely changed. I have happily returned to Las Vegas every summer for the past 5 years and I have witnessed so many wonderful changes. The first time we took our son he was 10 mths old and he had a blast. Now he's 4 yrs old and Las Vegas is his favorite place to visit.
Let me start off with the hotel...hands down our favorite hotel is Mandalay Bay! The pool area is a dream come true. They refer to it as The Beach and it's amazing! There is a lagoon style heated pool, a lazy river, a wave pool and a shallow little swimming area next to the wave pool. We usually spend an entire day from 9am to 7pm at poolside. The kids swim until they can't keep their eyes open. I suggest getting a poolside cabana so the kids can rest and have a quick bite. We usually enjoy our lunch in our cabana. My husband loves watching tv in the cabana while I swim with the kids. After a long day at the pool we like to wind down at The Sharks Reef. It's one of the best aquariums I've ever seen. The kids love pressing their faces against the glass and pretending that they're in the water with the sharks! Why? I don't know!
The hotel staff is amazing and very helpful. Mandalay Bay is definitely a family friendly resort. Your kids will love every minute of your stay here. You have to eat at the buffet at least once before you leave and it's worth the wait to get a table with a pool view! My son loves to help himself to his favorite foods. Granted he works backwards and hits the dessert section first, but come on, it's vacation for a reason! After a fun filled weekend we finally checked out and as we were driving away from the strip we suddenly noticed a new shopping center called Town Square Las Vegas. I almost fell out of the car!!!! This place is absolutely wonderful! Every retail store you could ever need and plenty of little places to refuel with snacks and drinks. They also have restaurants for a nice family meal. All these great things pale in comparison to the nucleus of this center...the kids play area!!!! It's the holy grail of play areas!
I have never in all my years seen anything like it! A water sprout area, 3 playhouses, a theatrical stage, merry-go-round, springy ride ons, slides, a real maze to run through and more! The only thing that could possibly make this place any better is if they offered foot rubs on the parents while the kids played! I'll take a white wine spritzer over here please!!!!

Seriously...I'd drive 4 hrs just for the Town Square! There are plenty of other hotels that also offer fun things to do with your family like Midway carnivals, shops, shows, etc... Right now the prices are so low you can't afford not to go. I prefer Sunday through Thursday trips myself and that's when you really get the best deals. You should definitely try to squeeze in a quick trip before the summer is over. Your family will love you for it!

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