Let's Talk Steak!

Just a quick little post for the beef eater in you! My family loves steak! When my hubby has a night off we already know what's for dinner. Boneless Rib Eye steaks, baked beans, corn on the cob, potatoes au gratin and mac & cheese! Sounds crazy, but my 4 yr old and 20 mth old eat their weight in steak! I want to share with you our recipe for a perfect steak...seasoning!

It's all in the flavor! Try our recipe and let me know if you liked it. First you find yourself a choice cut of steak. We prefer the nice marble appearance of a boneless Rib Eye steak. Then we poke the steak with a fork to make tiny holes so the seasonings will get nice and cozy with the beef.

The following is my husband's secret recipe so keep this between! McCormick's Grill Mates Peppercorn & Garlic Marinade!!!!
Gently rub the seasonings into the beef on both sides. I say gently because you have to give your steak a little love before it hits the grill so it will love you back when it's in your belly! McCormick's does all the work. Your job is to provide the TLC! This will be the tastiest steak you will ever have! I'm hungry!

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