Kids Castle in Burbank, CA

What can i say about this place except...wowzers! I found Kids Castle online and asked my husband if we could please go check it out. We didn't expect what we pulled up to. The outside looks just like a castle with a giant green dragon sitting on top looking down at you! They offer free valet parking...loved it! Once inside you feel like you are definitely somewhere new! The color schemes and decor are fabulous! The Castle Cafe offers good food, drinks & desserts. They have waiters and waitresses that come to your table and take your order from an adult menu. They also have a great kids menu. The iced tea is delicious! My husband drank a pitcher of it by himself. We devoured 2 pizzas, fries, chicken nuggets & wings.

As for the play's amazing! Besides having numerous games they have a wonderful structure called the Dragons Den and it includes a toddler area and 2 stories of climbing, crawling, swinging & slides. I had to drag my 20 mth old daughter out of it kicking and screaming! The best part is that you don't have to carry around a cup full of tokens! They have a game card that you fill with credits which allows you to just swipe and play! What really sets Kids Castle apart from the rest is it's carnival style ride called The Wizards Wild Ride. This blur is my husband and son flying by!
Kids Castle has something for all ages from toddler 2 tween. They have 3 private rooms reserved for parties. Three flat screen tv's in the dining area for the Dads that just want to relax and watch a game and one flat screen tv by the play structure that lets parents watch their kids and tv. Its located right off the 5 fwy in Burbank. Their website is Open 7 days a week with late hours even on Sunday. Kids Castle is a must!


  1. As an employee as Kids Castle I can see why everyone is so mesmerized by this place. When I got my job there I was excited too! There is so much potential. However, I would like to throw out a BEWARE sign in front. This place is a mess on the inside. I don't know one happy employee. A server even told me that they reuse the ketchup!! Thats right, when someone uses ketchup out of a little plastic dish they scrape out the rest and reuse it. I only found this out because I was eating lunch and I was advised not to use the ketchup in the cooler and to get new ketchup. I will never eat there again, if they save the ketchup, only god know what else they do.